vishal mehta

I am the user advocate. With no formal training in Design and UX, my passion orchestrated my journey from a hard-core technologist to a product designer. The passion was fueled by early realization of the gap between Technology and Users.

Of the 18+ years of experience, I started learning and applying user experience in early 2009. I have some gaps, but am determined to close them with each passing day. 

Highlights of the UX journey:

  • Ran a UX Practice (agency) for 6 years
  • Authored more than 350 blogs
  • Guest Lecturer on the subject of Web Usability at Pune University
  • Presenter at APCHI 2013 - for a Research paper, published on ACM
  • Accessibility research for blind - Eye+ Mobile App
  • HCI at Stanford University

Focus areas: User Experience, Interaction Design, Information Architecture, Usability Analysis, Visual Design

Hobbies: Chess, Running, Sketching, Cinemagraph, Singing